German calves

The last few years Boerkamp mainly focuses on German calves. Our partners in Germany can deliver large number of calves throughout the year. It enables us to:

  • Fill the stables of our customers in one go
  • Compose homogenous groups
  • Reduce use of medicines for calves to a minimum.

Rosé and White calves

We import large numbers of calves for both the white meat- and the rosé meat industry. Boerkamp can make an age scan of rosé calves for you. As these calves are delivered sorted by age, we take over the first part of the selection for customers.

Newborn calves 

We fully arrange the purchase of newborn calves. We purchase straight from the farmer and drive with our own trucks along local traders. This working method allows us to ensure continuity. The sorting and scanning process of German calves has taken place at Krümpel GmbH in Wettringen for many years now.

Efficient trading

A select group of people is responsible for sorting and purchasing newborn calves. Our drivers are part of this group as well. They are fully aware of what’s inside their truck and are a valuable source of information for the customers.

We aim to stable the calves in the Netherlands as soon as possible. For this reason we often work at night, as we don’t want to waste any time.


Our customers benefit from our working method. Would you like to know what we can do for you? Please feel free to contact us.