Calf transport

We adore our calves. For all parties involved it is important to treat them good. After all, it’s our living!

Advantages calf transport by Boerkamp

For this reason we carry out transport with our own trucks and our own drivers. You benefit from it, as our drivers:

  • Are well-informed and knowledgeable
  • Are present during sorting
  • Are up to date with regard to newborn calves
  • Inform the farmer about the best way to stable the calves

Good final result

This involvement definitely contributes to achieving the best possible final result. During transport the calves are surrounded by lovely thick straw. Throughout the entire process, the well-being of our calves is extremely important for us.

Sorting calves

On Tuesday- and Wednesday afternoon we deliver our German calves from the stables. If desired we can forward the sorting to the veal farmer, prior to delivery. It gives the veal farmer some time to think about the best possible way to stable the calves.


Would you like to know more about our calf transport and our working method, please feel free to contact us. We will be more than willing to give you more information!