Starter calves

Are you a veal farmer and open to a partnership? Together we can supply the best possible start calf to the rosé fattening farm. A good result means a satisfied customer and a long-lasting relationship.

Professional starter calves farms

The last few years we have considerably extended trade in start calves, mainly in close cooperation with Veal Fine BKC Livestock bv from Ochten. We place large uniform groups with professional starter calves farms.

Working method starter calves

These partnerships are valuable for all parties involved. Besides, our working method offers a couple of more advantages:

  • We can deliver large groups
  • The calves come from stables we have filled ourselves
  • The calves have only one nationality
  • Sorting by age has already been taken care of
  • Preliminary work means there are fewer operations, so less stress in the stable


We offer farmers the possibility to cooperate with us and partially participate in the risk. It means a chance for fattening farms to earn a financial bonus, with only a limited risk. Besides, supply and transport of calves is arranged.

Optimum result

Would you like to join us in achieving an optimum result for all of us? Make an appointment, we will be more than willing to give you more information.